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Bahía de Los Angeles

This legendary destination on the Sea of Cortez features views of extraordinary, natural beauty with rugged mountains and desert fauna as a backdrop against the magical islands offshore. Jacques Cousteau helped make this area famous over a half century ago..

Bahía de Los Angeles (BOLA) today is an excellent family vacation destination where you can explore the islands, swim with giant whale sharks and expect to catch yellowtail, groupers, cabrilla and much more, based on the season.


Bahía de San Luis Gonzaga

Gonzaga Bay is an incredibly serene and beautiful spot near the northern region of the Sea of Cortez and has evolved into a real Baja treasure with warm weather and water, perfect beaches and a lack of crowds with the unique desert landscape all around you.

The warm winters make this scenic desert location A great winter vacation and fishing destination with lots of yellowtail, sea bass, trigger fish, mullet, corvina, sierra, pompano, grouper and more, depending on the season.


Bahía de San Quintín

The San Quintin Bay was first discovered by Juan Cabrillo back in 1542. The region has a very rich history over the centuries and today agriculture has taken root in the valley and supplements the bountiful fishing industry here along the inner bays and coastline.

Sportfishing is a very popular year round attraction for locals and tourists alike with yellow and blue fin tuna, grouper, yellowtail, lingcod, white seabass, calico bass, rockfish and much more available, based on the season.


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