Good action continues…

Last week went out for a couple of days of fishing with my good friend Mr. Pat McDonell along with IGFA rep Mr. Chris Wheaton. Chris is the holder of over 40 line class world records and Pat and Chris are certified fishaholics.

Needless to say we had a fine time on the water as you can see from the photos. Making bait was easy with wide open on mini-macks and lingcod along with reds just LOVE those mini-macks.

Saying goodbye to Pat, my good friend Mr. Rick Jensen from Sportfishing Financial Group showed up along with Mr. John Alderman for a few more days of fishing. The early morning weather had us nearly socked in with fog so thick that the visibility in areas was less than 100 feet.

John caught our only yellowtails of the 2 days; one was a nice fish in the 20 plus pound range and after that the tails vanished so we went deep dropping instead for lings and reds. Proved to be the right move as we made easy limits on both and had a blast, in spite of the weather conditions.

This will be my last report from San Quintin as I’ll be headed for Gonzaga Bay and will update with the action over there, as the internet availability allows.

Many thanks to master chef Javier Castellanos of EUCALIPTO restaurant at the Old Mill Hotel. You can find the restaurant next to the Old Mill Hotel office, just 150 feet north of the Old Mill dock. Javier offers Baja-Med cuisine at its finest and Javier set us up with a fantastic dinner. Wow!

Thank you all & fishonnn & onnn….

Captain Juan

Chasing Tail with Los Guapos

January 19th / 20th – Back out on the water with Team Los Guapos – cap’n Dan Fischer and brother Matt, Tony Miller and Mr. Brent Watson. This great crew came down and we had a lot of fun spending two days out on the water together.

The fishing was was good and the catching was even better. Making bait was easy with plenty of miny macks available in the bay. The bottom fishing was a bit slow – just a few reds and lingcods – and it could be due to the current moving outside right now.

The action has been really good this year and the first day out we went 7 for 7 and on the 20th we did even better – 11 for 11. The tails ranged from 12 to 18 lbs and appeared to be very healthy.

We saw a few late arriving gray whales and the light on the bay was picturesque.

The weather was was crispy cold in the early mornings, warming up a bit as the sun came out on the 19th and remained a bit cooler on the 20th – pretty typical January weather. It should improve in the coming weeks but certainly has not hurt the fishing down here.

OK, here’s a few photos of Team Los Guapos and their fine fishing…


Captain Juan

Cold Weather & Hot Bite…

Burrrrrrrrrrr! Been kind of cool to cold here in San Quintin these past few weeks!

But the fishing has been very good!

Spent the last few days out on the water with my friend “Rosarito Jimmy”and his cousin Paully, fishing on the 10th and 11 of this month. The weather was cool but nice once the sun came out and very fishable! We caught lingcod, reds, big bones and yellowtail. We looked for halibut out around San Martin island but they appear to not have shown up yet.

The water temp was 60-61.5 and clean with lots of red crabs that the yellowtail were feasting on and a good selection of miny macks for bait were easily found inside the bay. Several other boats were out fishing as well and most caught an assortment of yellowtail and bottom fish – not bad for a chilly January here outside the bay.

OK, here’s a few photos…


Captain Juan

Good Weather, Good Bait & Good Friends…

SAN QUINTIN – Left for a day of fishing with some good friends from the the Old Mill dock with a spectacular, early morning sunrise as a backdrop last Saturday – Pearl Harbor day.

I had taken the last 3 weeks off after all my fall fishing & the long rest was welcome and needed. It’s been a very wet fall for our area this year and the weather was mild for this late in the season. I decided to make my San Quintin return by going out fishing with my good friends Mr. Ron Gomez Hoff (Talk Baja), Mr. Drue da’ Farmer & Mr. Pancho Palapas.

The bay was shimmering gold from the reflection of the sunrise over the eastern Baja sierras and making bait was really quick and easy; plenty of mini macks and small dines.

There’s been very good yellowtail action on the high spots and they were there Saturday as well. Unfortunately we didn’t happen to connect with any but a few of the other local boats did.

We decided instead to focus on deep dropping and the action was steady throughout the day. We ended up catching a wide variety of good sized fish including a a very nice lingcod and some reds caught by Drue, Ron hooked and landed a nice sheepshead along with some reds and a lingcod and Pancho brought aboard several whitefish, a red and a few lingcod as well.

The weather was nice – in the mid 70’s and not much wind, only a light swell. It was a very enjoyable day back out on the San Quintin water with good friends…


Captain Juan

Summer in Late October

With summer like temperatures in the mid 80’s, went out fishing again with tio Randy Champion on the 16th – his last day here at Bahia de Los Angeles and we focused on cabrilla all day and scored.

On the 17th I took Mr. JP and his good buddy Scott from Spain for a day on the water, landing some more tails and a few carilla.

Sunday the 20th I fished with Mr. Alan Belstains and his good friend Hector Lopez. The action was a bit slow on the tails and cabrilla but Alan landed a nice golden grouper that we caught and released.

Many thanks to our good friend Mr. Randy Champion for all time on the water with me and the fine gifts he brought down for my family and I. It was also great to see JP and Scott and many thanks to my friend Alan and Mr. Lopez.

Have a couple of days open before we head back to San Quintin – drop me an email if you’re coming down and want to go out fishing.


Captain Juan

Friends and Family Fun…

On Tuesday the 15th went out fishing with my good friend Randy Champion and since he was alone, we decided to take advantage of the great weather and my wife Maricela and our little one, Juananette joined us for a very fun day out on the water.

Good, continued action on yellowtail and Randy landed a very nice Leopard Grouper as well. Juananette even landed here very first fish!

Great fishing and great weather down here…

Heavy Competition…

On the 8th and 9th went out fishing with Mr. David Arraisa and his friends Braulio and Mack York. On the first day we headed out to Los Machos Reef where we landed a few big tails, then moved up the coastline running and gunning for leopard grouper. The fishing wasn’t wide open but we put several nice fish into the cooler.

The next day we fished Animas Reef for a few smallish tails and small seabass where we ran into some stiff competition from a few of the local sea lions who wanted to get into a game of tug of war with a few that we had hooked. So we made the decision to move further south and found very good yellowtail, cabrilla and the icing on the cake – a very nice gulfy.

The Santa Maria Reef was holding very good yellowtail, weather was great – flat, blue and 85 degrees. Very good fishing going on around several of the local reefs right now and it was fairly easing making bait at the ramp near town – even landed a small rooster in the process!

A beautiful big catamaran sitting anchored right now hails from the British Virgin Islands. It was really nice to see my good friends Captain Pepe Smith and El Chato – two of the oldest fisherman in Bola – along with Captain Joel Prieto, out fishing with Mr. Larry “handsome” Hansen and Marck Edison, aka El Marko.

Really fun times right now at Bahia de Los Angeles.


Captain Juan

Early October in BOLA…

We arrived here in Bahia de Los Angeles on the first of October and the internet here at my place has been very slow or none at all, hence the lack of reports up until now.

Fished with Rosarito Jimmy and Bad Luck Joe on the second and found some action on small yellowtails and a few cabrilla. Jimmy says he’s going to leave Joe at the dock next time.

A few days later, went out fishing for three days straight, the 6th through the 8th with my friends Mr. Ed Atckinson, Mike Fish and Dwight D Fishnhower. It was a bit slow on the 6th and then wide open on the big tails on 7th and 8th, fishing the Los Machos reef next to the big island.

Bait is plentiful near the ramp and there are fish in several of the reefs here; yellowtail, seabass, leopard grouper, gulfys and more.

Weather has been very nice and cool for this time of the season; upper 70’s to mid 80’s. Windy today but its been very good so far. Some very beautiful yachts anchored here in the bay right now.


Captain Juan

Talk Baja on White Seabass

Sunday September 22 – Out fishing with my friend Mr Ron Gomez Hoff (Talk Baja) who wanted to see the action on white seabass for himself.

The coastline was again socked in with this persistent marine layer but we easily made bait before heading south out of the bay where several pangas were already waiting on the action.

The fog stuck around pretty thick until late morning but it didn’t hurt the fishing much as Ron landed two very nice white seabass. Most of the other boats were catching as well. We crossed paths with Carl and Susan Duggan on their boat with their good friend Debbie Reed and saw the very nice 40+ pounder that Susan had landed after losing another big one earlier that broke off as it reached their boat.

Ron said that his freezer was almost full at home here at La Chorera and he’d be struggling to find room for the catch already so we made the decision to call it a day early. As we started heading back, the sun finally began breaking through and it was a beautiful, enjoyable boat ride back to the dock.

Very, very good fishing going in here out of the San Quintin Bay right now with a lot of very happy anglers!


Captain Juan