Good action continues…

Last week went out for a couple of days of fishing with my good friend Mr. Pat McDonell along with IGFA rep Mr. Chris Wheaton. Chris is the holder of over 40 line class world records and Pat and Chris are certified fishaholics.

Needless to say we had a fine time on the water as you can see from the photos. Making bait was easy with wide open on mini-macks and lingcod along with reds just LOVE those mini-macks.

Saying goodbye to Pat, my good friend Mr. Rick Jensen from Sportfishing Financial Group showed up along with Mr. John Alderman for a few more days of fishing. The early morning weather had us nearly socked in with fog so thick that the visibility in areas was less than 100 feet.

John caught our only yellowtails of the 2 days; one was a nice fish in the 20 plus pound range and after that the tails vanished so we went deep dropping instead for lings and reds. Proved to be the right move as we made easy limits on both and had a blast, in spite of the weather conditions.

This will be my last report from San Quintin as I’ll be headed for Gonzaga Bay and will update with the action over there, as the internet availability allows.

Many thanks to master chef Javier Castellanos of EUCALIPTO restaurant at the Old Mill Hotel. You can find the restaurant next to the Old Mill Hotel office, just 150 feet north of the Old Mill dock. Javier offers Baja-Med cuisine at its finest and Javier set us up with a fantastic dinner. Wow!

Thank you all & fishonnn & onnn….

Captain Juan

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