Chasing Tail with Los Guapos

January 19th / 20th – Back out on the water with Team Los Guapos – cap’n Dan Fischer and brother Matt, Tony Miller and Mr. Brent Watson. This great crew came down and we had a lot of fun spending two days out on the water together.

The fishing was was good and the catching was even better. Making bait was easy with plenty of miny macks available in the bay. The bottom fishing was a bit slow – just a few reds and lingcods – and it could be due to the current moving outside right now.

The action has been really good this year and the first day out we went 7 for 7 and on the 20th we did even better – 11 for 11. The tails ranged from 12 to 18 lbs and appeared to be very healthy.

We saw a few late arriving gray whales and the light on the bay was picturesque.

The weather was was crispy cold in the early mornings, warming up a bit as the sun came out on the 19th and remained a bit cooler on the 20th – pretty typical January weather. It should improve in the coming weeks but certainly has not hurt the fishing down here.

OK, here’s a few photos of Team Los Guapos and their fine fishing…


Captain Juan

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