Good Weather, Good Bait & Good Friends…

SAN QUINTIN – Left for a day of fishing with some good friends from the the Old Mill dock with a spectacular, early morning sunrise as a backdrop last Saturday – Pearl Harbor day.

I had taken the last 3 weeks off after all my fall fishing & the long rest was welcome and needed. It’s been a very wet fall for our area this year and the weather was mild for this late in the season. I decided to make my San Quintin return by going out fishing with my good friends Mr. Ron Gomez Hoff (Talk Baja), Mr. Drue da’ Farmer & Mr. Pancho Palapas.

The bay was shimmering gold from the reflection of the sunrise over the eastern Baja sierras and making bait was really quick and easy; plenty of mini macks and small dines.

There’s been very good yellowtail action on the high spots and they were there Saturday as well. Unfortunately we didn’t happen to connect with any but a few of the other local boats did.

We decided instead to focus on deep dropping and the action was steady throughout the day. We ended up catching a wide variety of good sized fish including a a very nice lingcod and some reds caught by Drue, Ron hooked and landed a nice sheepshead along with some reds and a lingcod and Pancho brought aboard several whitefish, a red and a few lingcod as well.

The weather was nice – in the mid 70’s and not much wind, only a light swell. It was a very enjoyable day back out on the San Quintin water with good friends…


Captain Juan

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