Heavy Competition…

On the 8th and 9th went out fishing with Mr. David Arraisa and his friends Braulio and Mack York. On the first day we headed out to Los Machos Reef where we landed a few big tails, then moved up the coastline running and gunning for leopard grouper. The fishing wasn’t wide open but we put several nice fish into the cooler.

The next day we fished Animas Reef for a few smallish tails and small seabass where we ran into some stiff competition from a few of the local sea lions who wanted to get into a game of tug of war with a few that we had hooked. So we made the decision to move further south and found very good yellowtail, cabrilla and the icing on the cake – a very nice gulfy.

The Santa Maria Reef was holding very good yellowtail, weather was great – flat, blue and 85 degrees. Very good fishing going on around several of the local reefs right now and it was fairly easing making bait at the ramp near town – even landed a small rooster in the process!

A beautiful big catamaran sitting anchored right now hails from the British Virgin Islands. It was really nice to see my good friends Captain Pepe Smith and El Chato – two of the oldest fisherman in Bola – along with Captain Joel Prieto, out fishing with Mr. Larry “handsome” Hansen and Marck Edison, aka El Marko.

Really fun times right now at Bahia de Los Angeles.


Captain Juan

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