Early October in BOLA…

We arrived here in Bahia de Los Angeles on the first of October and the internet here at my place has been very slow or none at all, hence the lack of reports up until now.

Fished with Rosarito Jimmy and Bad Luck Joe on the second and found some action on small yellowtails and a few cabrilla. Jimmy says he’s going to leave Joe at the dock next time.

A few days later, went out fishing for three days straight, the 6th through the 8th with my friends Mr. Ed Atckinson, Mike Fish and Dwight D Fishnhower. It was a bit slow on the 6th and then wide open on the big tails on 7th and 8th, fishing the Los Machos reef next to the big island.

Bait is plentiful near the ramp and there are fish in several of the reefs here; yellowtail, seabass, leopard grouper, gulfys and more.

Weather has been very nice and cool for this time of the season; upper 70’s to mid 80’s. Windy today but its been very good so far. Some very beautiful yachts anchored here in the bay right now.


Captain Juan

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