Talk Baja on White Seabass

Sunday September 22 – Out fishing with my friend Mr Ron Gomez Hoff (Talk Baja) who wanted to see the action on white seabass for himself.

The coastline was again socked in with this persistent marine layer but we easily made bait before heading south out of the bay where several pangas were already waiting on the action.

The fog stuck around pretty thick until late morning but it didn’t hurt the fishing much as Ron landed two very nice white seabass. Most of the other boats were catching as well. We crossed paths with Carl and Susan Duggan on their boat with their good friend Debbie Reed and saw the very nice 40+ pounder that Susan had landed after losing another big one earlier that broke off as it reached their boat.

Ron said that his freezer was almost full at home here at La Chorera and he’d be struggling to find room for the catch already so we made the decision to call it a day early. As we started heading back, the sun finally began breaking through and it was a beautiful, enjoyable boat ride back to the dock.

Very, very good fishing going in here out of the San Quintin Bay right now with a lot of very happy anglers!


Captain Juan

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